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In July, it was reported that three of Sir Edward's alleged victims were sisters whose father was based at Wilton Barracks in Wiltshire.Another complainant, who was later discredited, also had a step-father at the same barracks.The paedophile ring – which they say Sir Edward was part of – stabbed, tortured and maimed youngsters in churches and burnt babies in satanic orgies before men, women and children gorged themselves on blood and body parts, police were told.The seemingly far-fetched allegations were made by a family who allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

An allegation he was involved in an Army child sex ring was ruled out after two other men were arrested and released because they had 'no link' to the former Tory leader.

Robert Vaudry was Sir Edward's private secretary in 1992 when two of the alleged attacks took place but revealed police have never spoken to him'.

He said: 'The two (allegations) that happened in my time of working with him - I wasn't asked specifically about any one of those, and it may be that it could have jolted my memory, I may have been able to say 'oh no he wasn't even in the country on those times', but I wasn't asked about them, I just find that shocking'.

Police received 42 claims from 40 people reported to 14 different police forces.

The alleged offences between 19 include child sexual abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse of an adult.

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