Webcam chat warning

•A demand is then made for money or more explicit images in exchange for not sending the recording to the victim’s family, friends or work colleagues.

Local Safer Communities officers work continually to highlight the dangers people can face online, including webcam extortion.

Since most laptops now come with a built-in webcam, it’s critical to understand the risks, says Richard Stiennon, a malware expert with IT-Harvest, a research firm that specializes in Internet security.

“We all have to become aware that our every action could be watched,” says Stiennon.

(Just make sure nothing sticky is touching the lens itself, so you don’t damage it.) “It sounds silly, but it gives you positive feedback that no one is spying on you,” says Stiennon.

And in China, a sophisticated network of hackers known as Ghost Net has cracked 1,295 webcams in 103 countries.Be suspicious of friend requests from strangers and make sure your private information stays private.You have the power to end the communication at any time, so never feel pressured into doing something that you may regret in the future.His webcam had been hacked by a “script kiddie,” a person who uses malware written by someone else to show off their skills at accessing other computer systems, says Fox.He quickly detached the webcam, but he had to re-install his operating system after he found malware installed on his computer.

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