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The server side validation routine must be called from the control's Server Validate event handler. The basic syntax for the control is as given: The Validation Summary control does not perform any validation but shows a summary of all errors in the page.The server side validation routine should be written in any . The summary displays the values of the Error Message property of all validation controls that failed validation. Expand the Installed node then the Templates node then the Visual C# node then then the Web node then select Visual Studio then choose ASP. Expand Installed then Visual C# then select Data then choose ADO.NET MVC 4 Web Application for the project then provide a meaningful name then click OK. NET Entity Data Model item then provide a meaningful name then click Add. Click the save button, you will see a post request will be generated in Fiddler. In this article we will learn about client-side validation that is done using Java Script. In the preceding syntax function is the keyword provided by the Java Script to declare a function and the Vildate Data() is the function name, now write the code inside the function as in the following.Client side validation Validation done in the browser before sending the form data to the server using Java Script, j Query and VBScript is called client-side validation. Let us first create the web application with two web pages We are adding two web pages because our requirement is, in the first web page there is form data to be filled in by the user and only after validating the form data, the form will be redirected to the next page.So, let's replace tbl Course with Course, tbl Student with Student, tbl Students with Students and tbl Course with Course. For now just run the application and by default the Index action method will be invoked that will display the Index.shtml file. If we insert a new record: Click Create, you will be redirected to Index.cshtml and you will see Michael's record. Since this is auto-generated code, it will not be a good idea to make any changes here. If you look at the image below, you will see the class Student is a partial class. In the constructor of the Required Attribute class add a custom error message. Step 6To specify a gender, users need to input their gender. So, what we will do is to mark the Student Name property field read-only and we will also replace the gender Text Box field with a dropdownlist. So, now the Student Name field is read-only and Student Gender is now displayed in a dropdownlist control. In the preceding method, notice that the student object is receiving the posted form values.

Therefore, it would help to take a look at the properties and the methods of this base class, which are common for all the validation controls: The Regular Expression Validator allows validating the input text by matching against a pattern of a regular expression.

You will see the auto-generated connection strings. Now as we know this Student Name field is read-only but even after that, this field can be updated using any third-party tools like Fiddler. Click the Execute button and run the MVC application again and you will see the Student Name James is not changed to LOL.

Save the connection settings with a name of your choice and click Next. When we retrieve the list of records, by default the List scaffold template is selected. Step 5 In the Models folder all the files are auto-generated and out of those files there are two class files, and that contains all the properties. Step 8Updating Student Name read-only using Fiddler. Let's look at the reason for this problem and then we will see how to solve it.

In this article we use the In the code above I have taken the ASP.

Net control's values in variables so it cannot be repeated again and again in our function the email Exp variable holds the pattern of the email id in the form of a regular expression.

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