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When you're training to be a Norland nanny, putting Baby Ruby in her vast, coach-built pram is a deadly serious business.

Even though she is battery powered and made of plastic."Turn back the sheet first! "Despite having two children myself, aged four and one, my hands begin to shake with nerves. And just when I think I have got the hang of it, comes the final order: "Tuck your hair in!

A ‘telephone box’ full of diverting treats such as crayons, notepaper and an old mobile or toy phone will work very well with a toddler.

Children can be really stubborn at times, so you need to be clever at making things fun.

Instead, use this ‘cooling off’ technique: Take the child to a quieter area and calmly explain why they have been removed.

Two mums, Louise Heren and Susan Mc Millan, spent a year at Norland College in Bath, which has been training Norlanders since 1892, and have written a fascinating book divulging the tricks of the trade — and pointing out where today’s parents are going so wrong. ’ Explanations work, because they help your child understand the reasons why something can’t be done.

Whingeing and whining drives most parents to distraction.

If your child hates being strapped into the car seat, pretend you are pilots or astronauts or take a teddy or doll and get your child to strap them into a spare seat before you strap them in.

Talking non-stop before getting into the car about where you are going and what you are going to do will keep a child’s mind on other things.

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