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The network is interwoven into every moment of our lives, and we should treat it that way.Yet the corporations that control internet access insist that they’re providing specialized services that are somehow different than water, power, and telephones. You are standing in the desert and the only thing that grows is higher prices."We have all these protections for what happens over landline phones that we’re not extending to data, even though all these people under 25 mostly communicate in data." It’s time to just end these stupid legal word games and say what we all already know: internet access is a utility. And that means the level of innovation from these providers has almost completely stagnated, even as prices have gone up.A commodity that should get better and faster and cheaper over time. Why are cellphones so much cooler now than they were in 2000? It is fat and lazy and wants nothing more than to get fatter and lazier.Wiele z tych mamusiek to zdesperowane samotne matki i zdradzające żony, które szukają zabawy.Mogą być Twoimi sąsiadkami lub osobami, które znasz.In the UK, where incumbent provider BT is required to allow competitors to use its wired broadband network, home internet service prices are as low as £2.50 a month, or just over .In South Korea, where wireless giants SK Telecom and LG Uplus are locked in a fierce technology battle, customers have access to the fastest mobile networks in the world — up to 300Mbps, compared to a theoretical max of 80Mbps on Verizon that’s actually more like 15 or 20mbps in the real world.

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There are only four major national carriers, most of whom run incompatible networks and all of which are stronger in various regions.If you hate your Sprint or Verizon service, switching to AT&T or T-Mobile is anything but simple and probably requires paying off a two-year contact of some kind.(Even T-Mobile, which is aggressively eliminating contracts for service, maintains a number of device payment plans that require a contract.) Chances are once you’ve chosen a wired broadband carrier and a wireless carrier that works well in your area, you’re stuck: there are few other places to go, and even if you have choices the high costs of switching mean you’re not very likely to leave at all.Broadband industry insiders insist loudly that the deal is just business as usual, while outside observers are full of concerns about the loss of competition and the increasing power of consolidated network companies.Either way, it’s clear that Netflix has decided to take matters — and costs — into its own hands, instead of relying on rational policy to create an effective and fair marketplace.

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