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But the whole Soul Intro and The Chicken, those are classic lines; they have so many licks that people have ripped off for years and years.“Tive version of Liberty City is really beautiful. My favorite track is Reza, kind of an Afro-Cuban thing in 6/8.It takes up about 10 minutes of the second side of the album – there, I’m dating myself!I'll take a great band with great songs, and if somebody stands out, that’s terrific.But the whole thing has to matter."In compiling his list, Beller explains that he arrived at his choices from more of a classic-rock perspective than an R&B one. "The Jamerson records, the Stax records – that's a world unto itself.Give It Away is another great bassline, and it’s a lot more complicated than people think, specifically a four-phrase pattern that repeats.“It's interesting: The guitar is, for the most part, a background instrument in the band; the bass is usually taking the lead, as it would in a proper funk band.You can just feel Flea making a quantum leap in arranging and bassline composition on Blood Sugar."I’m a sound guy," says The Aristocrats' bass master Bryan Beller.

He’s pretty dynamic.” “My whole approach to tone was revolutionized when I heard the first Rage album – but even more so with Evil Empire.

And the sound of that one note is the sound that they make."Beller cites Rage Against The Machine and Steely Dan, both of which have records on his list of 10 Essential Bass Albums, as examples of his theory.

"Think about it: Those are two bands that couldn't be any more different from each other, but you hear that one note, that one perfect sound, and you know who it is." He laughs and quickly adds, "Of course, I also believe that the bass player contributes to making that sound.”Since graduating from Berklee College Of Music, Beller has established himself as one of music's most adventurous and versatile bassists, tackling everything from jazz fusion to death metal, with stops at pop and progressive rock along the way.

“What’s great about this record is its accessibility.

Sometimes Jaco would do stuff that was hard to comprehend; the song Invitation has a solo that’s so obtuse – unless you’re a hardcore bop guy, you’re not going to have access to what’s going on there.

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