Gpupdate vpn not updating

If you’re experienced enough with Direct Access, you may be able to resolve the issue directly in the registry.

However, it is usually easier to just remove the existing NRPT entries on the client machine entirely. Remove any entries that have that DA- prefix and reboot.

When the progress reaches 100%, it will pull up a report for the policies upon which the computer and the user are having applied.

Here are the items you need to open up on the firewall: Apply this to the OU at or above where you are trying to force the update.

You now need to tell the person to reboot or open a command prompt and type “gpupdate /force”.

There are really only two ways to modify the NRPT, through the Registry (I don’t recommend modifying the NRPT through the registry), and through group Policy using the Name Resolution Policy node.

Technet has some information on how to handle NRPT here: Problem with Direct Access Failures Usually when Direct Access stops communicating, it stops working because the NRPT isn’t configured properly.

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