Dating overseas women

These patterns were primarily driven by the triggering events.This would suggest that freer movement of people between Hong Kong and China resulted in more Hong Kong women not being married or getting divorced.Our case study based on Hong Kong and mainland China provides clear insights into the role of immigration costs underlying cross-border marriages and the consequences of such marriages on the destination region.From 2 per cent in 1986, cross-border marriages registered in Hong Kong made up 43 per cent of all marriages in 2006.We found that gender differences in the currently-married, ever-married and currently-divorced rates changed little from 1991 to 1996, but changed largely since then.

Using Hong Kong census data, we compared marriage market and labour market outcomes between men and women, before and after the triggering events.

This trend was primarily driven by a boost in marriages involving a non-citizen wife, the proportion of which rose from 24 per cent to 30.2 per cent.

Marriages involving a non-citizen husband were less common.

The theory suggests the main force driving global hypergamy is the interaction of two factors.

The first factor is the longstanding gender asymmetry in marital attributes.

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