Bookworms dating bookworms dating dating woman

You get lost in the stories of other people's lives and the adventures that they experience. and find someone special to share your passion for books with.

Avoid those generic dating sites that match you according to your core trait. It may be a passion, life style, deviation, or affliction.

I'm talking about a girl with stacks of hardbacks, first editions and stolen library books.

The kind whose room is filled with Faulkner, Hemingway and Chaucer.

You just might bring something new and interesting to the table on an otherwise awkward (or boring) first date.

It can be a lot of fun to look at life from this reader's point of view.

The woman who defines loneliness as a life without books.

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This year, skip the bar scene and online dating sites, and look no further than your local library.You begin to look at qualities outside of the superficial assets your younger self once sought with fierce vigor.You will suddenly find yourself looking for a woman with depth, one who can hold a conversation well past a dinner date. Have fun sharing photos and messaging about your favorite authors. You get lost in your books and experience those adventures with the characters in your stories. I'ts time to join the Bookworm dating community and meet others who can lose themselves in a good book too.

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