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We eat the head of a sheep or fish as a symbol of leadership and ascendency. 2) On Rosh Hashanah wishing you peace, happiness, good luck God’s blessing and success. 4) Wishing you good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. And if you think the whole New Year in September thing’s nuts, get this.

We dip our challah and apple in honey in the hope of a sweet year.”’ – Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann 7) ‘On one hand, we know that Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Judgment. Each person is judged according to his deeds (or lack of them).’ – Binyomin Adilman The traditional way to wish someone a Happy New Year in Hebrew is by saying ‘Shana Tova’. Some people also say Shanah Tovah Umetukah, meaning ‘a good and sweet year’ too. While it’s 2017 in the Gregorian calendar, the Hebrew calendar is moving into the year 5778. Most Jews will mark the festival by attending their synagogue and spending time with family and friends.

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Add to this the fact that many Australians already have mixed ancestry and the idea of marrying within one's own racial or religious group is no longer a given.This year Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on Wednesday, September 20 and ends on Friday, September 22. I like Rosh Hashonah late when all living are counting their days toward death or sleep or the putting by of what will sustain them— when the cold whose tendrils translucent as a jellyfish 3) The New Year– By Emma Lazarus Not while the snow-shroud round dead earth is rolled, And naked branches point to frozen skies.— When orchards burn their lamps of fiery gold, The grape glows like a jewel, and the corn A sea of beauty and abundance lies, Then the new year is born.It’s a time to feast with friends and family as well as go to the synagogue and reflect on the year before and the year ahead. Look where the mother of the months uplifts In the green clearness of the unsunned West, Her ivory horn of plenty, dropping gifts, Cool, harvest-feeding dews, fine-winnowed light; Tired labor with fruition, joy and rest Profusely to requite.Here are some quotes, messages, greetings and poems to share. Source: Poetry Foundation Rosh Hashanah – or to give it its Hebrew translation ‘the head of the year’ – is the Jewish New Year.1) ‘May it be Your will, Lord our God and God of our ancestors, that you renew for us a good and sweet year’ – Hebraic Berakhah 2) ‘We meet today to thank Thee for the era done, and Thee for the opening one’ – John Greenleaf Whittier 3) ‘The key to understanding the themes of Rosh Hashanah is the date. May it be written and may it be sealed that you have a new year that brings fulfillment and happiness, peace and prosperity – all of life’s very best things. 6) May this New Year be filled with health and happiness, and sweet moments for you and your family. It’s considered a major date in the Jewish calendar, and the majority of Jews keep or mark it in some way, regardless of their levels of religious observance the rest of the year.

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